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Why eTollware?


Who is eTollware?

  • Provider of dedicated tolling solutions for over a decade

  • An expert in providing state‐of‐the‐art back office solutions to the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) industry.

  • Proven track record in

    • Software development

    • Maintenance 

    • Upgrades

  • Assisting tolling agencies move quickly into all electronic tolling

  • Create solutions to meet the specific requirements of our client tolling authorities with :

    • Focus on modularization 

    • Easily customizable 

    • User‐friendly systems

  • Emphasis on maximizing prior infrastructural investments while minimizing future operational costs.

Why Choose eTollware?     

  • Quickly mobilize teams (onsite, onshore, off‐shore)  

  • Protect your IP 

  • Preserve your customer loyalty 

  • Immediately integrate your team with years of experience valued by your prospects and customers

  • Provide an on‐ramp to all‐electronic tolling

  • Deliver superior system availability and performance within a short duration of time

  • Develop applications that are quick, efficient, intuitive, and customized to your business rules

  • Emphasis on accuracy and system performance

  • Providing full visibility as to customer's interrelationship and having a reconciliation accuracy rate of 99.9%

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Image by Kevin Ku

Our Strengths: 

  • Strong partnership arrangements with leading resources 

  • Effective relationship‐building with external agencies 

  • Toll system expertise

  •  Broad technology platform expertise, including: 

    • All versions of Windows 

    • SQL Server 

    • Oracle 

    • .NET Framework 

    • C#, VB.NET, Java 

    • Infragistics 

    • TallPDF 

    • Pegasus Imaging Software, and much more

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