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eTollware Solutions architect each of our solutions to meet the specific requirements our client tolling authorities, with a focus on more modularize, easy customization, user friendly systems, and maximizing previous infrastructural investments and minimizing future operational costs. eTollware's "big picture" view is enhanced by hands-on experience in addition to technical expertise; giving us a unique perspective on the day-to-day operational needs of a modern toll system. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that bring flexibility, value and peace of mind.


  • Customer Service Center

  • Violations Processing

  • Public-Facing Account Management Web Site

  • Toll Audit and Reconciliation

  • Administrative Law Court

  • Complete Toll Plaza Operations (Toll Collector Shifts and Vault Tracking)

  • Automated Coin Machine Vault Operations

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Reports


  • Secure Credit Card Processing

  • Interfaces with Multiple State’s DMV

  • Multiple Tolling Agency Interoperability

  • Social Networking Interfaces

  • SMS Messaging to Customers

  • Collections Interfaces

  • Bank Interfaces

  • Accounting Software Interfaces

  • Department of Revenue Interface


  • License Plate Tolling (Open Road Tolling)-ORT

  • Traditional Mixed-use ETC Tolling (Manual, ACM, AVI)

  • Multi-authority Revenue Sharing, Open Systems, Closed Systems, Interagency Interoperability (e.g. CDOT)

  • Decisions Support using Robust Reporting and Trending

  • Real-time Traffic Monitoring

  • Real time reverse traffic alerts

  • Congestion-based Pricing Tolling Options

  • Distance-based Pricing Tolling Options

  • Completely Cashless Tolling

  • Multi-level Toll Pricing (Discounts for Transponder Holders or other classes or customers)

Image by Harmen Jelle van Mourik
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