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Smart Solution For Toll Collection

Enabling Open-Road Tolling with Back-Office Solutions

Image by Lionello DelPiccolo

Why Choose eTollware Solutions?

     Because we:

  • Quickly mobilize teams (onsite, onshore, off-shore)

  •  Protect your IP

  •  Preserve your customer loyalty

  •  Immediately boost your team with years of experience valued by your prospects and customers

  •  Provide an on-ramp to all-electronic tolling

  •  Deliver superior system availability and performance within a short duration of time

  •  Develop applications that are nimble, efficient, intuitive, and customized to your business rules

Our Competencies:

  •  Strong partnering arrangements with leading resources

  •  Strong relationship with external agencies

  •  Toll system expertise

  •  Broad technology platform expertise


eTollware strengths include customer service center, violation processing, audit, statistics and reporting, DMV interface, and real-time monitoring. While partnering with agencies and systems integrators to provide back-office software and solutions that create a clear and cost-effective pathway to open-road tolling.

eTollware is here to make you look good!

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